Learning to Speak Cat

Learning to understand your cat’s behavior is the best way to strengthen the pet-owner relationship. Unlike dogs, cats are naturally independent, solitary animals. Feline behavior is often subtle and less obvious, making it difficult to figure out what they are trying to tell us. Common behaviors like clawing, meowing or biting are your cat’s primary means of communication, but require knowledge to reliably understand the message.

One of the most prevalent cat behaviors is vocalization, or meowing. Cats meow for a variety of reasons including greeting people, seeking attention, asking for food or to achieve an action like being let in or out of the home. Context is key when deciphering vocalizations.

Look around for visible indicators of what your cat’s meows may be referring to because the subject is generally close at hand. Identifying the cause allows you to address the issue or work to modify the behavior accordingly, improving your relationship and leading to a happier home life. We can help if you having difficulties understanding your cats needs, give us a call!