Marijuana and Pets

With the recent legalization of recreational marijuana on July 1, we would like to make pet owners aware of potential health risks to your pets resulting from ingestion. While generally not fatal, ingesting this plant can have serious effects. Symptoms of pet marijuana poisoning include glassy eyes, loss of coordination, disorientation, dilated pupils, drowsiness, agitation, vomiting, and in extreme cases, tremors, seizures and coma. It is important to note that due to their smaller body size and different physical makeup, cannabis affects pets more severely than humans.

Marijuana poisoning can occur through smoke inhalation, ingesting the plant matter, or ingesting processed marijuana products (hashish, edibles, etc.) Treatment varies according to the severity of symptoms but often includes decontaminating the GI tract, IV fluids and anti-vomiting medication.

For those who grow or store marijuana at your home, please remember to keep the product securely out of your pet’s reach and in pet-proof containers, this is an effective way to ensure your cat or dog wont accidentally consume it.

Remember to please enjoy legalization responsibly.