Keep Your Pet From Overheating This Summer

Our pets struggle to keep cool during the hot summer months, and overheating can cause serious health issues. For example, heat stroke can lead to organ failure or even death if it’s not treated quickly. Here are some tips for keeping pets safe when the weather is warm:

  • Provide plenty of fresh, clean water at all times.
  • Never leave your pet in the car on warm days. If it’s even just 70 degrees outside, it’s too hot to leave pets in the car, as temperatures inside cars can soar incredibly quickly. For example, when it’s 75 degrees outside, it only takes 10 minutes to reach 100 degrees inside a car.
  • Do not over-exercise your pet. Outdoor activity is more taxing on your pet’s body when it’s hot outside.
  • When possible, keep your pet indoors in cool, air conditioned areas.
  • Do not shave or trim your pet. A pet’s coat is an important part of their natural cooling system, as it protects the skin from the sun.

Symptoms of overheating include excessive panting, increased heart rate and drooling. In advanced cases, symptoms can include seizures, collapse, vomiting and bloody diarrhea. If your pet exhibits any of these symptoms, call us right away.