To Our NVH Family:

We understand…

  • That everything is taking longer.
  • That it is harder to get appointments quickly.
  • That our phone lines are busier than normal.

Please understand…

  • We are doing our best.
  • We are one of only a few clinics still able to provide same-day or urgent care while other hospitals and emergency clinics are experiencing 6+ hour wait times or are no longer seeing new clients.
  • We have hired additional doctors and staff to accommodate increased demand.
  • We have added phone lines to help mitigate the increased call volume caused by curbside care, and are always responsive via email.
  • Urgent cases are prioritized case-by-case based on severity.
  • Some days are harder and busier than others.
  • But nothing is more important to us that your pet’s health and well-being.

So we ask…

  • That you please be patient.
  • That you treat our staff with respect.
  • And that you always strive to be the person your pet believes you are.

Most of all, we want to be clear that we hear you — and we’re working hard to make changes in an effort to improve our client experience during this difficult time while also keeping our staff and clients safe. We have always sought to be a resource for our community, and even when times get hard, we are still dedicated to doing everything in our power to be here for you and your pets in your time of need.

Thank you for your continued support, kindness and patience; It means more to us right now than you know.

Love Always,
Your NVH Doctors & Support Team