Avoid Counterfeit Flea & Tick Products

Think you got a great deal on that cheap flea and tick medication you just bought? Think again.

Any time you purchase cut-rate flea and tick medication—over 50% off—it’s highly likely that you’re getting a counterfeit product that could harm your pet. This happens frequently with internet purchases that are made without a veterinary prescription.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that these items are designed to look like legitimate pet pesticides, and has taken civil and even criminal enforcement actions against those who sell and distribute these products. Check out the EPA’s list of ways to identify counterfeit medications, and you’ll see that they include some very dangerous practices—including

the re-packaging of flea and tick products for dogs in boxes labeled for cats. Using these preventives on your feline could make them very ill or even be deadly.

The other important issue is that flea and tick preventives purchased without a prescription vet voids the manufacturer guarantee. It’s also likely that these products will be less than effective in keeping pests off your pet.

The best way to avoid counterfeit products is to buy your guaranteed flea, tick, and heartworm medications directly from your veterinarian or an approved online pharmacy partner. NVC can help you choose the right preventive for your pet and budget—just call us at (503) 746-8065.