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At Newberg Veterinary Hospital we are committed to supporting the human-animal bond and have been a strong advocate of this since our inception. We believe the bond between people and their companion animals provides joy, enrichment, balance, and health benefits to both, and the relationship deserves the highest level of respect and compassion.

We understand that animal companions can represent some of the most important relationships in a person’s life. Animals bring us great happiness while asking very little of us in return. Their simple needs of love, food, water, shelter, and quality veterinary care are all they require for long, happy lives. With our full-service veterinary hospital and caring and knowledgeable staff, we provide top-level medical care for all pets.

Why Work for Newberg Veterinary Hospital?

Each member of Newberg Veterinary Hospital provides a valuable piece of the puzzle to ensure that pets are well cared for and receive the best services possible. It takes a team! We are a large and busy clinic with many team members and clients. We would love to consider you if you are looking for veterinary employment.

The clinic maintains state-of-the-art equipment and medical practices. There is an opportunity for learning and growth for those who work hard, have veterinary skills/interests, show forward-thinking energy, and implement successful work practices.

Newberg Veterinary Hospital provides benefit packages for full-time and part-time employees, including medical insurance, dental insurance, long-term disability, 401K, discount on services/retail and paid time off, and a potential end-of-year bonus.

We Hire Regularly for the Following Positions

CVT- Certified Veterinary Technicians

Our CVTs are “registered nurses”. They may assist in surgery, provide dental services, administer vaccines, draw blood, take x-rays, and much more to care for pets who are here for regular or emergency services. We rely on them both as team leaders and as doctor assistants and they are a valuable part of our pet care team.

Tech Assistants

Another vital part of our team, Tech Assistants, assists with most things medical in the treatment room and often also works as Room Technicians (weighing a pet, checking pets into rooms, taking vitals, and talking to pet parents about their reason for the visit). Tech Assistants might also fill prescriptions, complete medical notes, diagnose injuries, and perform minor medical procedures. They truly have an important partnership with the doctors and the CVTs on the team.

Reception/Front Desk

Our reception and front desk team provide an important customer service role. Not only are they busy answering phones, making appointments, and answering questions but they also process payments, write chart notes, manage the retail portion of the clinic, and make sure a pet parent and pet have the best experience possible! They also work with technicians to ensure that supplies and medications are well-stocked and available. Whatever someone needs regarding their pet care-our reception team takes great care of them!

Kennel Assistants

Kennel Assistants work directly to ensure that pets are well-cared for and loved during their visits with us. Whether here for medical treatment or boarding, they ensure that visiting pets have a safe and clean environment, are fed appropriately, stay clean and receive the exercise and attention that they need. They also may help with the cleaning of the clinic and transferring pets to various parts of the building as needed. Kennel Assistants sometimes move up in their jobs to become Tech Assistants.


Greeters became extremely valuable during the pandemic as pet parents were unable to come into the clinic to drop off and pick up their pets. And they are still valuable, even though the clinic is fully open! Whether it’s helping to transfer a pet into or out of the clinic, bringing out materials or supplies, greeting pet parents, sanitizing the lobby, or assisting in many other ways, they are here to serve!

Want to learn more?  Email us your resume, we look forward to meeting you!

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