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In addition to the Pet Health Care Library, we have provided the following links to websites that provide some great information on a variety of topics related to veterinary medicine and pet health care. We will update this page frequently, and would love to hear your ideas on links that you would like to see us add to this page to share with other pet owners. Feel free to send us your favorites. If we like them, we will add them to our list!

  • Pet Behavior: If you want to learn more about feline house-soilingbarking dogsaggression, or any other behavioral problem, check this one out!
  • Choosing a new puppy: This is a nice starter guide of things that you should consider when you are thinking about getting a puppy.
  • Best Pet Weight Control Web Site: As the name suggests, this is a site for pet parents who are concerned about their pet’s weight. This site has everything you need from facts about pet obesity to ideal weight ranges to weight-loss tools.
  • Veterinary Partner Site: VIN provides news, information, and fact-based education to pet Owners. All the content on VIN is reviewed annually by veterinarians to guarantee its timeliness and accuracy.
  • Breeds of Dogs: A quick reference guide to many breeds of dogs, including photos and brief descriptions of each breed’s characteristics.
  • Heartworm Society: Everything you ever wanted to know about heartworm disease can be found here!
  • Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement: We have all experienced the pain of losing a pet. The Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement has set up this site for support during this most difficult time. You will find inspirational stories, grief counseling resources, hotline numbers, and many other resources.
  • National Animal Poison Control Center: This is the website of the National Animal Poison Control Center. It includes a library, links to other sites, and phone numbers for the poison control center.
  • The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA): The Cat Fanciers’ Association website has lots of pictures, as well as information on cat breeds, cat care, upcoming cat shows, and much more.
  • Veterinary Schools in the US: This is a great link to all of the websites of veterinary schools in the United States.
  • USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service: The USDA maintains this website with information on a variety of animal health-related topics, including the latest news on such things as Mad Cow Diseases, foot and mouth disease, and many other things.
  • Rainbow Bridge: Anyone who has ever lost a pet should visit this wonderful site. It is a terrific tribute to our lost family members.
  • American Veterinary Medical Association: This site is a good starting point to learn more about a variety of topics, including feline injection-site sarcomas and the latest subjects in veterinary medicine.
  • American Association of Feline Practitioners: The AAFP is like the American Medical Association for cat doctors, and has lots of good information regarding feline health.
  • Canine Influenza Virus 2017 – Canine influenza (CI, or dog flu) is caused by the canine influenza virus (CIV), an influenza A virus. It is highly contagious and easily spread from infected dogs to other dogs
  • Petfoodology: Fabulous nutrition site with lots of information for dogs and cats

Newberg Veterinary Hospital would like to share these Dog & Puppy Training Guides with you. They contain important information on how best to prepare and take care of your new family addition. You may not have a puppy now, but if you know anyone who is considering adopting one, please pass this on to him or her.

Welcome to Kids' Corner!

Kids and pets go together like dogs and bones, like cats and balls of string. That’s because both children and animals are fun-loving, innocent, and endlessly curious. To satisfy some of that curiosity, we’ve compiled a list of links to websites that give kids the chance to explore their love of animals in exciting and new ways.

Check them out below!

 Paws-on activities for veterinarians-to-be:

Animal games galore:

An online laboratory for animal lovers: Animals for Kids – Free Games, Fun Facts, Cool Projects, Science Online

The aspiring veterinarian’s bookshelf:

Pinterest for future pet doctors:


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