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Walk Your Dog Month: 5 Benefits of Walking Your Dog

Walk Your Dog Month: 5 Benefits of Walking Your Dog
January 9, 2023

January is designated as Walk Your Dog Month! Did you know there are many benefits to walking your dog—not just for your pup, but for dog owners too!? 

Physical Health and Conditioning
Regular walks are a great way for both you and your dog to stay in shape and help with overall health. Healthier pets mean fewer trips to the “dogtor”! For your pup, walking helps maintain a healthy weight, get better sleep, keep joints healthy, and can even help regulate their digestive system. For humans, research has shown that walking at least 30 minutes per day reduces the risk of serious illness. 

Mental Health
Walks provide the mental stimulation your dog needs and not only exercise the body, but exercise the mind too! Your dog will be wagging their tail over all the exciting things they see during their walks—from wildlife, other dogs, sniffing everything their hearts desire, and, of course, all the people who will pass them by while telling them how cute they are. 

Builds Trust and Confidence
Setting a regular walking routine will help build your dog’s trust. Knowing they have their daily walk with you is reassuring and will reduce any potential stress. As you and your dog explore and experience different situations during your walk, your pup will gain confidence knowing that you are by their side for support. 

Reduces Destructive Behavior
Destructive behavior is often a sign that your dog has pent-up energy. When not stimulated enough, dogs are more likely to chew on items that are not toys or bark more. Walks are a healthy way to reduce this behavior and help them release any excess energy. 

It’s likely that you’ll run into other dog owners and dog lovers on your walks. This is a wonderful opportunity to socialize your dog and have leashed introductions. Your dog can meet other people and pups safely and provides them with an opportunity for them to learn proper social skills. 

With the many benefits of daily walks, we encourage you to take a new leash on life this month and dedicate extra time to walking your furry best friend.

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