Purchase Medications From Your Vet, Not From Online Pharmacies

To keep your pet safe and to get the best offers in the long run, we suggest purchasing prescription and flea medications through your vet instead of through online pharmacies.

When you order through Newberg Veterinary Hospital, you support a local business. Plus, anytime you order a prescription for your pet through an online pharmacy, we have to review and approve the prescription, but we receive no compensation for that work or the order.

Also, buying any medications, including flea medications, through an online pharmacy often voids the product’s warranty. When you purchase through us, you can return the product, get your money back and recoup the cost of treatments if the product doesn’t work or if it makes your pet sick.

We price all medications competitively. We also offer many rebates on prescription medications and flea medications that online pharmacies cannot offer. Plus, many of these websites make you pay membership fees so you can receive medications at a discount, so in the long run, you actually end up spending more.

If your pet already has a current prescription through Newberg Veterinary Hospital, you can conveniently request a refill on our website. If you need any more assistance ordering your pet’s prescriptions, please call Newberg Veterinary Hospital at 971.264.5506.